25th August 2021
News from your Friendly Pet Shop in Sydney
News from your Friendly Pet Shop in Sydney

For all of your pet care needs, our humble pet shop in Sydney remains open. Not only do we have an abundant supply of pet health products, pet foods and accessories, our range continues to grow.

As there may be new products and brands in store since your last visit, we continue to provide updates on our Facebook page. If you aren’t following us on Facebook or Instagram you may miss our latest products, helpful pet care tips as well as our new pets that we regularly have in store.

Our pet supplies in Sydney remain available to our local community in store. If you would like to plan a trip to our shop, please feel free to phone ahead to ensure we have your items in stock. As always, if we do not have the specific item you are looking for we can order it in.

Please remember we are here to support our local pet community in any way that we can. We have an abundance of healthy, happy and friendly pets sourced from our trusted and qualified network of verified breeders as well as all of your necessary pet supplies in our Concord Pet Shop.  

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