5th May 2021
Cat Food Supplies Concord
Premium Cat Food & Supplies at your Local Pet Store in Concord

For a wide range of premium cat toys, collars and food, Concord Pets houses Australia’s leading pet brands including Royal Canin, Cat It and Kong. We work with our suppliers to house the newest accessories and cat toys at the best prices. This is part of our commitment to you as we support the community with quality pet supplies in the Concord area.

As part of our range of pet accessories in our Concord store we house the Cat It range of cat feeders. This range includes the Cat It Multi Feeder and the Cat It Interactive Feeder. These accessories support slow feeding, portion control, and keep your cat entertained when you are not home.

In addition to feeding accessories, we also house a range of medications from tick to worming, scratching posts, interactive toys, litter and cleaning accessories as well a range of collars, name tags and bells. We encourage stimulation for your cat and stock a wide range of products to make this a possibility for our customers.

Have you visited our pet store in Concord? We welcome you to our new store where we offer advice and guidance to help you care for your pet cat and other animals.  


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