21st July 2021
Rabbit & Guinea Pig Pet Supplies in Concord
Rabbit & Guinea Pig Pet Supplies in Concord

As you are aware Concord Pet Shop remains open. Under the current guidelines, we will continue to supply our local pet community with essential supplies including pet food, health care items, bedding and more. With the weather cooling, we want to assure you that our business is following safe Covid practices so you can enter our store and purchase the items you need to keep your pets warm and safe.

Straw and hay for rabbits and guinea pigs is an essential item to keep them warm in their hutch through winter. As well as rabbits and guinea pigs for sale in Sydney, we have a wide range of small pet care products to ensure optimal health and comfort through all seasons. This is our passion and commitment to our community as your local pet shop in Sydney.

In store we have both baby guinea pigs and baby rabbits (netherland dwarf and lop ear) who require loving homes. While the lockdown may impact our foot traffic, we are still looking to home our pets. If you are looking for pet supplies or guinea pigs and rabbits for sale in Sydney, please phone the store – we would love to chat with you about viewing our pets.

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