15th September 2021
8-Week-Old Parrots for Sale in Sydney
8-Week-Old Parrots for Sale in Sydney

With bird breeding season underway, our humble Pet Shop in Concord has come alive with the sound and colour of young parrots looking for their forever home. With decades of experience as Avarian specialists, we have dedicated ourselves to hand raising happy and healthy birds – long before we opened the doors to Concord Pets.

Our birds are handled from a young age to ensure they are comfortable with humans before they meet their owner. We believe our birds make fantastic companions for those who live on their own, or for those wishing to add to their families.

In the shop we currently have a pair of 8-week-old hand raised Lutino Lorikeets. These gorgeous Lorikeets are just a sign of things to come from bird season here at Concord Pets. As always, we ensure each bird leaves our store with the products, food, and advice their owner needs for a positive bird ownership experience.

In store we have a wide range of AviOne Hand Raising Stands and accessories. If you would like to explore our range of bird accessories, seeds, and toys, please visit us at our Pet Shop in Sydney. We are located at 105 Queen Street North Strathfield.

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