28th April 2021
Fish Accessories in Concord
Aquatic Pet Accessories in Concord

For all of your aquatic pet supplies in the Concord area, we house a wide range of live fish and fish accessories. Our live fish range from your standard goldfish and comet, to tropical fish who require a heated tank. To ensure you leave our store with all the necessary essentials for a successful fish tank, we provide you with professional advice and guidance on fish ownership.

To ensure optimal water levels and fish health, we have fish food, blood worm, water testing kits and essential water treatment products. Our tanks cater to single fish, such as beta’s, or larger schools of fish of your own selection. Our customers leave our store feeling confident that they are equipped with everything they need to care for their very own home aquarium.

We stock Australia’s leading aquatic care brands and provide these to the Concord community at very competitive prices. It is our goal as your local pet shop in Concord, to provide our customers with variety, various options to suit their fish tank needs and ongoing support to ensure the health of our fish friends.

For aquatic pet accessories in Concord, we have a wide range of fish, snails, aquariums and supplies from Australia’s leading pet care brands.

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