18th August 2021
Birds for Sale Concord Pet Shop
Bird Season has Commenced at our Concord Pet Shop

Here at our Concord pet shop, we are renowned for our hand raised birds. Prior to opening our family-owned shop front, we were renowned as leading South American Bird Breeders in Sydney. As the bird season has returned, we are excited to announce that we will have gorgeous hand raised birds in the store in the coming weeks.

If you are looking to provide a forever home to a bird, we pride ourselves on our friendly, clever, and healthy parrots for sale in Sydney. From Green Cheek Conures to Eclectus Parrots and Cockatiels, we offer professional advice and after care support to our customers.

For all your bird needs and pet supplies in Concord, our doors remain open to the public to ensure your pets are well cared for during these challenging times. If you are interested in homing a pet or sourcing the finest quality pet food and health care items, our friendly staff can help you over the phone or in store.

We look forward to finding suitable families for our hand raised birds as they mature and wean from their mothers. Please follow our Facebook page for up-to-date information on our birds and when they will be available for viewing.

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