29th December 2021
Caring for you new puppy with leading pet accessories in Sydney
Caring for your new puppy with leading pet accessories in Sydney

Have you welcomed a new puppy or pet into your family over the summer holidays? If so, congratulations! You have no doubt enjoyed getting to know your new furry or feathered friend over the break, and have spent some time bonding and training. In order to set yourself up for success as your pet grows, and as you transition back to work, it is important to ensure you have all bases covered. 

Now is a great time to consider how your pet will cope on hot days when you are not home. Some of the most popular items we have in our Sydney pet store at present include cooling mats in many sizes, filtered and cooling water systems for cats and dogs, automatic feeders, as well as a range of Kong toys, locally made accessories, and training treats - here at Concord Pets, we have you covered! 

If you are looking to buy a puppy for sale in Sydney, we also regularly have happy and healthy puppies for sale in our Sydney pet shop. These are sourced from verified and certified breeders and come with all of the necessary health screening, worming, micro-chipping and vacinations. So if you are carfully considering a new puppy for your family in 2022, be sure to check in with us. We regularly share our new litters, as well as birds including green cheek conures, quakers, cockatiels, and more on our Facebook page. 

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