7th July 2021
Cockatiel Sale Concord
Cockatiel Birds for Sale in Concord

Since our opening this year, we have homed hundreds of hand raised, happy, healthy birds. As Avarian Specialists, we have garnered a reputation as leading South American Bird Breeders in Sydney. Our commitment to hand raising our birds is evident in our customer satisfaction as each one of our new customers has welcomed their new feathered family member into their home. 

Aside from being one of the only pet shops to hand raise Green Cheek Conures in Sydney, we also provide happy, healthy, and friendly Cockatiels to our local community. With the bird season slowing, we are very pleased to have a number of Cockatiels in our Concord Pet Shop this week. Aside from our lovable Budgies, Cockatiels make great first time bird pets. Our customers are often surprised by just how clever and affectionate they are! 

If you are looking to welcome a pet bird into your family, please come and visit us at 105 Queen St North Strathfield. We welcome you and your family to come and view our wide range of birds, rabbits, puppies and fish as well as all the supplies and food they need to stay active and healthy. 

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