23rd June 2021
Puppies Sale Sydney
Concord Pet Shop - For all of your Pet Care Needs

Since our opening we have connected with many pet enthusiasts, as we swiftly established a reputation for our wide range of birds for sale in Concord. From Green Cheek Conures to the humble budgie, our Avarian expertise allowed us to garner many connections within the pet care industry. 

As the bird season has slowed, we have shifted focus to connecting with verified breeders in different sectors of the pet care industry, including rabbits, guinea pigs and puppies – of which we now have a steady share.

From purebred Netherland dwarf rabbits to purebred French Bulldog puppies, every visit to our Concord Pet Shop is enjoyable and educational for the whole family. Our role within the community is to bring large and local brands for pet food and health care items to our local members. In doing so we have also established connections with breeders to acquire happy and healthy pets.

We provide our customers with the opportunity to meet puppies and small pets right here in our store. The pets we source are ready to meet their forever families. If this is something you may be interested in, we would love to meet you and introduce you to your potential new family member.

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