10th November 2021
small puppies for sale Sydney
Friendly, healthy puppies for sale in Sydney

This week has been a busy week for us here at our family run pet shop in Sydney. We have been privileged to find homes for some of the cutest and friendliest puppies we have ever had in store. As you may know, we have formed very strong and trusted relationships with verified breeders across NSW. Our goal is to enable these breeders to find homes for their puppies through our pet shop in Sydney.

Once we pick up our friendly new puppies, we make sure they have a thorough vet check at Concord Veterinary Hospital. This includes micro-chipping, worming, vaccinations and a thorough health exam. We want to ensure that your puppy is ready for you to take home to love and care for without the hassle of endless veterinary visits as well as the peace of mind that your puppy is healthy. 

Our small puppies for sale in Sydney this week have included, cocker spaniels, cavaliers, and some gorgeous cross-breed puppies as well. We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know our new puppy owners who have travelled across Sydney to come and collect their newest family members.

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