23rd September 2021
birds for sale Concord
Hand raised, healthy birds for sale in Concord

Are you searching for premium bird supplies in the Concord area? Or perhaps you are looking to start your bird-owning journey and considering birds for sale in Concord? Whether you need advice, health care or food items, or want to meet one of our birds, we currently have a few birds ready for their new homes.

As the bird season progresses, we will have budgies, cockatiels, and a selection of gorgeous and colourful Green Cheek Conures in our Sydney pet shop. Our birds are currently growing quickly, being hand raised by us to ensure they are friendly and comfortable with human handling. As they near 8 weeks, we are working towards weaning them from their mothers. Once we achieve this successfully, the birds will be available for viewing in our pet store at 105 Queen St North Strathfield.

If you are interested to learn more about owning a bird and positive pet ownership experiences, we are here to advise and guide you on your journey. We will ensure you are ready with all the necessary accessories and understand the responsibility of bird ownership.

Please phone the shop with any questions you have regarding our large bird care range and the birds we will have available for adoption in the coming weeks.

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