22nd September 2021
Cat Care Pet Shop Sydney
New Pet Care Products Available from our Pet Shop in Sydney

One of the latest additions to our pet care range from our pet shop in Sydney is the Aristopet pet care range. Included in this new range is the ever-popular repellent spray, tick and flea spray and more essential items to keep your home and pet happy and safe this spring.

The Aristopet range is vital in training your pets to stay away from dangers such as certain plants inside and outside of the home, cables which may be tempting to chew on as well as furniture which your puppy or kitten may use as a scratching post or chew toy. This spray can help to train your pets to stay away from items and areas of the home that you want to keep pet-free.

In addition to the repellent spray, the Aristopet Flea & Tick spray provides dog and cat owners with a fast and effective method of keeping their pet free from creepy crawlies and nasties which tend to rear their head in spring. This spray is essential in fighting ticks during tick season with its easily applied treatment which is free from offensive odours. If you want to avoid tablet medication for fleas and ticks, the Aristopet Flea & Tick spray for cats and dogs provides a handy and effective alternative.

If you require essential pet care items, or are looking to buy a puppy in Sydney, come and visit our friendly pet shop in Concord.

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