22nd December 2021
The Largest Collection of Handraised Birds in Sydney
The Largest Collection of Handraised Birds in Sydney

Here at our family owned Sydney Pet Shop, we are bursting at the seams with happy, healthy and super friendly handraised birds - we believe it to be the largest collection of parrots in Sydney at the moment, with over 150 birds! 

In our Concord Pet Shop, we have a wide range of colourful, charismatic and cheeky birds - each with their own personality. As our birds are handraised they are friendly, tame and will happily ingtegrate into your family with continued handling and nurturing. 

We currently have the following birds and parrots in our Sydney Pet Shop: 
- Quakers
- Alexandrines
- Indian ringnecks
- Princess parrots
- Cockateils
- Parrotlets
- Budgies
- Amazon's
- Caiques
- Eclectus parrots and more
All of our birds are super friendly, with most of them handraised by us. We have a longstanding history of breeding and raising birds with great success. We are Aviarian specialists and can provide you with the information and support you require to ensure a long and happy partnership with your new bird.
Our birds are on a healthy diet of seed fruit and veg - we take excellent care of our birds, and believe they should be cared for with high quality products, seed and health care - which is all available to you in our Sydney pet store. Please visit us at 105 Queen St North Strathfield to meet our huge range of birds, accessories, health care items and more. 

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